Igbo Association Of London and Area (IALA)


Igbo Association Of London and Area

IALA is made up of Igbo speaking people that originally come from the former East Central States of Nigeria
and now the present Anambra, Imo, Abia, Enugu, Ebonyi, Anioma part of Delta State,
the Igbo speaking parts of Rivers State, and other individuals that identify as Igbo in
Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Benue, Cross River, and Kogi State of Nigeria and who reside in London and surrounding area in Ontario,
or those in diaspora (from other parts of the world), who desire to unite freely, and voluntarily under one Association, the Igbo Association of London and Area,
for the purpose of enhancing cooperation and understanding among and between ourselves and the rest of the Canadian society,
and to preserve our common cultural heritage while recognizing our separate individual identities.

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